Introducing BETA Versions

Great news: Power BI custom visuals are now on the Office Store.

What does it mean for you? Well, not so much.
In fact, your reports will continue to display the latest approved versions of your preferred custom visuals, and will update them automatically.

I said approved versions because the Power BI team will review every version submitted to the Store by testing it for 3 weeks before approving it. In some cases, this time could be too much, so we managed to allow our users to download and test beta versions of the OKViz custom visuals.

To use a BETA version, just go to the visual page (e.g., press the Download BETA button (if present) and follow the on-screen instructions.

Please note that BETA versions will never automatically update on your reports. You have to do it manually by importing a different version.

You will identify a BETA because of its grayscale icon:



Are you missing our visuals in the Office Store? No worry, the review process took more time than expected, we will be there in the next couple of weeks.