Smart Filter Pro v2.0.5

This release is supported by Power BI Desktop Jul 2018 or newer versions.

Welcome to the first commercial version of Smart Filter Pro!

This version includes a few bug fixes (like Copy & Paste) and the new licensing engine for OKViz Pro visuals.

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How does the new licensing engine work?

Smart Filter Pro licenses are issued on a subscription basis. You can try Smart Filter Pro for 30 days without providing any payment information.
After your trial period is over, and upon expiry of each subscription, if you do not renew the license the status of the visual will be set to Expired (grace period).
This means that you will have up to 60 days to complete your payment. Meanwhile every visual will continue to work in your reports showing a soft notice like the following:

After the grace period, the visuals from expired subscriptions will stop working at all, displaying this:

To avoid notices, we suggest using Credit Card payments which are processed automatically at the renewal date. Payments by Wire Transfer must be received on our bank account before the due date. Finally, it is suggested to always keep the Check for update option of your visuals active:

What is coming next?

We have planned several new features and improvements coming for the next versions of Smart Filter Pro, such as:

  • Migrating to the latest Power BI Custom Visuals API (2.3) to support the latest Power BI features
  • Supporting custom themes
  • Supporting sync slicers with multiple fields
  • Improving performance working with more than 50K records
  • Adding defaults for every filter
  • Adding an inline autocomplete feature
  • Supporting pasting from Excel

If you want more features, please send us your suggestion at