Smart Filter Pro v2.0.6

This release is supported by Power BI Desktop Jul 2018 or newer versions.

This version of Smart Filter Pro includes a few small fixes and two new features: paste data from Excel and autocomplete!

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Autocomplete in action

With the autocomplete enabled, Smart Filter Pro works like the Google search bar: you start typing a few characters and the input box autocomplete the word with the first result from underlying data.

You can disable the dropdown list appearing during the typing with a dedicated option – however, you can always show the list by clicking the arrow toggle even though the option is disabled.

What is coming next?

We have planned several new features and improvements coming for the next versions of Smart Filter Pro, such as:

  • Migrating to the latest Power BI Custom Visuals API (2.3) to support the latest Power BI features
  • Adding a Hierarchy Mode. Actually, we already developed the most part of this feature, so we can share a little preview:
  • Supporting sync slicers with multiple fields (currently it is limited for custom visuals to a single field)
  • Improving performance working with more than 50K records
  • Adding defaults for every filter

If you want more features, please send us your suggestion at