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Based on Power BI’s built-in Card and KPI, Card with States by OKVIZ allows you to bind a performance measure and to define multiple states that determine the color of the visual. Moreover, you can set a trend axis to display the trend line of the measure. Card with States is customizable in every single aspect.

Premium Features
  • Multiple cards: connect several measures/columns to the same visuals to improve the performance of your reports
  • Advanced states: get better control over states conditions by using different logical operators and stop rules
  • Dynamic label: automatically change the top label according to the position of the cursor over the trendline
  • Additional tooltips: display additional information over the visual data points
Card with States and the Premium features of Card with States are free and will always be free.
Only the report author needs to be equipped with a free license for the Premium features of Card with States.

Testing some features of Card with States requires to download the PBIX file and open it with Power BI Desktop.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are OKVIZ components available in the Marketplace?
    Yes, we submit our components to Microsoft. The publishing schedule for the Marketplace is beyond our control, so components will be available there days or sometimes weeks after we release them.
  • Why did you create another gallery?
    We publish components — including more examples and documentation — on our OKVIZ website as soon as they are available. In our gallery we can also publish beta versions of the components, which would not be possible in the Marketplace.