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Power BI for Tableau Developers: Tables

In this third installment of Power BI for Tableau Developers, we are going to be covering a topic that might seem simple at first glance, but I hope you’ll come to appreciate… Tables. For those familiar with Power BI, I am not referring to the Table chart element, I specifically am addressing the Matrix chart. This chart has become a personal favorite of mine because of the flexibility and ease of use for stakeholders.

Power BI for Tableau Developers: Slicers/Filters

This post is the second in a series of posts meant for Tableau folks that are interested in learning Power BI or for Power BI folks that are wondering how the same functionality is available in Tableau. In a recent OKVIZ article, David Eldersveld detailed Power BI’s filter capabilities and some best practices for their use. In this post, we will be examining how filters in Power BI function similarly and differently to slicers in Tableau.

Power BI for Tableau Developers: Introduction

In the fast-paced and ever-changing BI industry, flexibility is king. Learning how to adapt and how to be creative with your solutions is the only way to keep up. One of the ways you can do this is to be well versed in multiple BI and reporting platforms to make sure that your toolbelt includes whatever tools necessary to provide your client with the most appropriate solution. I know the value of being flexible firsthand as I was a Tableau user for several years until I started using Power BI. I wish that when I started using Power BI I had been able to see a guide to help me translate some of the terminology and functionality from the platform I was used to (in this case Tableau). So if you are a Tableau developer that is getting started in Power BI, or a Power BI user simply interested in gaining more info about Tableau, this article is for you!

Design guide for Power BI slicers and filters

This article describes the available options to filter data in Power BI by using slicers and filters. After an initial description of the features available in the Power BI infrastructure, there are several examples of the visuals available for different scenarios.

Card with States by OKVIZ 1.6

The latest version of Card with States introduces several new features designed to improve the performance and the appearance of your reports.

Implementing the Shadow property in Power BI

Power BI introduced the Shadow property for visuals in the May 2020 version. This feature was implemented by Daniele Perilli as part of the Power BI Contributor program. Daniele describes his experience in this article.

Smart Filter Pro is available on the AppSource marketplace

More than one year after the first release of Smart Filter Pro only as a private custom visual for Power BI, we have released the latest version of Smart Filter Pro (2.1.4) also on the AppSource marketplace. In this article, we explain why we made this decision and why we support both versions (private and AppSource), even though we suggest switching to the private version instead of using the version downloaded from the AppSource marketplace.

Unlocking the AppSource version of Smart Filter Pro

Smart Filter Pro is available in two different versions:
  • The AppSource version, which you can freely download from Power BI (or from and unlock with a license key.
  • The licensed version, which you receive by email after activating a subscription on the OKVIZ website – the licensed version already contains your license info and can be used as is without any additional configuration steps.

Updating Power BI custom visuals

This article describes different techniques to update Power BI custom visuals in existing reports, and then compares certified and non-certified Power BI visuals considering security and business continuity aspects.