In this blog, curated by SQLBI team, you will find news and insights about Power BI and custom visual development along with new components announcements.

Smart Filter Pro v2.0.3

A new update of Smart Filter Pro is available now! You can download and upgrade your reports by installing this new version in the Organizational Custom Visuals repository.

Introducing Smart Filter Pro

Smart Filter is a Power BI visual that works like a slicer and can be connected to multiple data columns. Smart Filter is available for free in the Marketplace.

First commercial visual by OKViz

Smart Filter Pro represents the first commercial custom visuals released by OKViz. Smart Filter Pro is designed for distribution through the Organizational Custom Visuals and will be available at no cost until December 31, 2018. Starting in 2019, Smart Filter Pro will cost less than $1.00 USD per user per month.

Power BI Organizational Custom Visuals

The Power BI Organizational Custom Visuals (OCV) repository is the best way to share third-party custom visuals within your organization. This is especially useful for custom visuals not available in the public marketplace. The OCV repository is automatically included in your Power BI Pro license and the visuals stored there can be used both from Power BI Desktop, and online.

Dashboard Design Rules

In June, we launched the Power BI Dashboard Design Course, a great video course with several helpful resources. One of the main interesting aspects of the course is its structure by rules. Yes, we know that rules are boring, but we also know that designing good and professional dashboards in Power BI is not so easy without discipline.

Introducing Dot Plot

Line Charts and Column Charts are the most popular visuals available in Power BI. We use them extensively in our reports and dashboards, but sometimes we use them wrong.

Introducing Power BI Dashboard Design Course by SQLBI

Nowadays, dashboards are everywhere. We use them to monitor our stocks, to see our store sales, to look at real-time visitors of our website, and for many other tasks. Dashboards are commonly included in many software and services that we use every day. Designing a dashboard is a simple job, after all. By using tools such as Power BI, you can easily arrange your data on the screen just by dragging visual elements, and then share them with colleagues or embed them online. The complex part is not related the technical aspect of the job, which is easy. The difficult part are the conceptual rules of a smart and effective design that make your dashboards easy to use and pretty to see.

Hosting Synoptic Panel maps on GitHub

As discussed in a previous post, Synoptic Panel can load maps in the two different ways: embedding local maps (static) or loading remote maps (URLs defined in the data model).

Introducing BETA Versions

Great news: Power BI custom visuals are now on the Office Store. What does it mean for you? Well, not so much. In fact, your reports will continue to display the latest approved versions of your preferred custom visuals, and will update them automatically.