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Dot Plot by OKVIZ allows you to compare the values of multiple measures, brought to a scale that makes the comparison easier. Each data point is displayed with a simple dot.
The key benefit to using Dot Plot by OKVIZ is that you can start the Y-axis from a value other than 0, thus maximizing the clarity of your message.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are OKVIZ components available in the Marketplace?
    Yes, we submit our components to Microsoft. The publishing schedule for the Marketplace is beyond our control, so components will be available there days or sometimes weeks after we release them.
  • Why did you create another gallery?
    We publish components — including more examples and documentation — on our OKVIZ website as soon as they are available. In our gallery we can also publish beta versions of the components, which would not be possible in the Marketplace.

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Dot Plot is a free Power BI custom visual released under these license terms.