Introducing Power BI Dashboard Design Course by SQLBI

Nowadays, dashboards are everywhere.
We use them to monitor our stocks, to see our store sales, to look at real-time visitors of our website, and for many other tasks. Dashboards are commonly included in many software and services that we use every day.
Designing a dashboard is a simple job, after all. By using tools such as Power BI, you can easily arrange your data on the screen just by dragging visual elements, and then share them with colleagues or embed them online.
The complex part is not related the technical aspect of the job, which is easy. The difficult part are the conceptual rules of a smart and effective design that make your dashboards easy to use and pretty to see.
Which is the right chart to use for your data? What are the common mistakes to avoid in the design process? What should you consider before choosing the data to display? Answering to these and many other questions make the difference.

We have seen too many ugly dashboards in the past years, so we decided to encode all the design habits and principles that really work in a single place. I spent months in research, also trying to formalize a simple set of rules that every good dashboard should follow. The result is the Power BI Dashboard Design Course, a 6-hour video course taught by Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari that aims to teach you how to design beautiful dashboards that people can use every day.

Follow the link below to watch the video presentation, to see the course curriculum, and to benefit from the special launch price of just $79: