Smart Filter Pro for Power BI®

Change log

  • v2.0.4 (Sep 26, 2018)
    • Added global clear selection button
    • Fixed an issue in filtering other fields
    • Small fixes in appearance
  • v2.0.3 (Aug 10, 2018)
    • Fixed an issue in single selection mode
    • Added top labels for horizontal mode
  • v2.0.2 (Aug 7, 2018)
    • Updated to API v1.13.0 (supported by Power BI Desktop July 2018)
    • Added support to Sync Slicers (at the moment limited to one field only by Power BI)
    • Added support to High-Contrast mode
    • Fixed an issue with same values from different fields
    • Fixed a resizing issue
    • Fixed an issue in the telemetry service
    • In Single selection mode you don't need anymore to clear the box before selecting another item
    • Allow border color customization
  • v2.0.1 (Jul 7, 2018)
    • Fixed (blank) issue
    • Start ignoring white spaces in search
    • Fix close button position with scrollbar
    • Added FilterMultiple option
    • Improved multi fields filter
    • Added Consolidate Filters option
    • Clear button now is limited to its box
    • Added multi selection to Observer mode
    • Limit the first bunch of rows to 1000, then load incrementally
  • v2.0.0 (Jul 2, 2018)
    • Initial release
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OKViz doesn't collect or use any Personal Data through the software he provides and this visual only receives data from the Microsoft Power BI Service.

Microsoft is under no obligation to review this visual for security, privacy, compatibility or performance issues, and does not provide any license rights or support for it.

I agree to the terms of use, license and privacy statement apply to my use of this visual.

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Install the visual by using the Organizational Custom Visuals repository.
This way, Smart Filter Pro can be updated in all of your reports with a single step.

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Smart Filter Pro is the premium version of our Smart Filter. It includes all the features of the free component with some additional ones:

  • Incremental loading (this feature allows to bypass the 30,000 rows limit of the free version)
  • Performance boost
  • Dropdown list customization
  • Additional tooltips
  • Bookmarks support
  • Enhanced Observer mode
  • New Filter mode
  • Sync Slicers

See all the new features here: Introducing Smart Filter Pro

Versions Comparison

Smart Filter

Smart Filter Pro
Dropdown mode X X
- Multiple items compression X X
- Performance boost X
- Incremental loading X
Filter mode X
- Textual search with wildcards support X
- Dates and periods comparison X
- Numbers comparison X
Observer mode X X
- Interactivity X
- Selection count X
Customization X X
- Items color X X
- Text size X X
- Font family X
- Dropdown background color X
- Horizontal mode X
Tooltips X
Bookmarks support X
High-Contrast mode support X
Sync Slicers (limited to a single field) X
More features...


Smart Filter Pro has different subscription plans related to the Power BI license.
Organizations using Power BI Free and Pro can license the number of users. With less than 10 users, a per-user license is applied. For larger number of users, multiple tiers are available. For Power BI Premium customers, the subscription model is based on Power BI nodes configuration. For ISV using Power BI Embedded, a special per-site license is available.

Save more than 15% with 2 free months by choosing the yearly plan. Nonprofit organizations have a 50% discount. Students can have a free individual license, whereas teachers and schools have a 50% discount.

Users license
1-9 $1.00$10 /user
Users (tiers)
10-20 $9.90$99
21-50 $14.90$149
51-100 $19.00$190
101-200 $29.00$290
201-500 $49.00$490
501-1000 $69.00$690
1001-2000 $99.00$990
2001-5000 $149.00$1,490
5001+ $199.00$1,990
Power BI Premium license
P1 $49.00$490 /node
P2 $99.00$990 /node
P3 $199.00$1,990 /node

Power BI Embedded license
1+ $29.00$290 /site

* All prices are expressed in USD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the most frequently asked questions on Smart Filter Pro here: OKViz Custom Visuals Pro FAQ.
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