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OKVIZ does not collect or use any Personal Data through the software he provides and this visual only receives data from the Microsoft Power BI Service.

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Smart Filter Pro by OKVIZ is an advanced slicer that can search through multiple data columns at once.
Smart Filter Pro is the premium version of our Smart Filter. It includes all the features of the free component with some additional ones:

  • Unlimited rows (the free version is limited the 30K rows)
  • Performance boost
  • Dropdown list customization
  • Additional tooltips
  • Bookmarks support
  • Themes support
  • Enhanced Observer mode
  • Filter mode
  • Search mode
  • Sync Slicers
  • Copy & paste
  • Autocomplete (like the browser’s address bar)
  • Hierarchy mode

See all the new features here: Introducing Smart Filter Pro

Testing some features of Smart Filter Pro requires to download the PBIX file and open it with Power BI Desktop.

Versions Comparison

Smart Filter

Smart Filter Pro
Dropdown mode
– Multiple items compression
– Performance boost
– Max loaded data rows 30,000 rows Unlimited rows
– Autocomplete inline
Filter & Search mode
– Textual search with wildcards support
– Dates and periods comparison
– Numbers comparison
Observer mode
– Interactivity
– Selection count
Hierarchy mode
– Items color
– Text size
– Font family
– Dropdown background color
– Horizontal mode
Bookmarks support
Themes & High-Contrast mode support
Copy & paste
Sync Slicers



You are free to choose the subscription plan for Smart Filter Pro that best fits the needs of your organization. You license one person – the Licensee – depending on the license you have with Power BI:

  • Organizations using Power BI Free and Pro can subscribe with OKVIZ for the number of users. We call Users people who are designing or viewing reports with Smart Filter Pro. The tier you pick should reflect the sum of the designers + the viewers, concurrent or not.
  • Organizations with Power BI Premium licenses can choose one of two options:
    • Purchase the Smart Filter Pro subscription that reflects their Power BI Premium license;
    • – OR –
    • License per User.
  • For ISV using Power BI Embedded, a special per-site license is available.

Save more than 15% when you purchase the yearly plan – that’s 2 free months!


Licensing per User

1-9 $1.00$10 /user
Users (tiers)
10-20 $9.90$99
21-50 $14.90$149
51-100 $19.00$190
101-200 $29.00$290
201-500 $49.00$490
501-1000 $69.00$690
1001-2000 $99.00$990
2001-5000 $149.00$1,490
5001+ $199.00$1,990

Licensing according to your Power BI Premium license

Premium License
P1 $49.00$490
P2 $99.00$990
P3 $199.00$1,990

Write us to get pricing information if you use Power BI Report Server with a SQL Server Enterprise license.
Power BI Embedded license

1+ $29.00$290 /site

Prices in USD. Nonprofit organizations, teachers and schools get an automatic 50% discount. Students please email us for your free individual license.


Frequently Asked Questions

Read the most frequently asked questions on Smart Filter Pro here: OKVIZ Custom Visuals Pro FAQ.
If your request is not included in the list, please contact us at