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Card with States by OKVIZ 1.6

The latest version of Card with States introduces several new features designed to improve the performance and the appearance of your reports.

Smart Filter Pro is available on the AppSource marketplace

More than one year after the first release of Smart Filter Pro only as a private custom visual for Power BI, we have released the latest version of Smart Filter Pro (2.1.4) also on the AppSource marketplace. In this article, we explain why we made this decision and why we support both versions (private and AppSource), even though we suggest switching to the private version instead of using the version downloaded from the AppSource marketplace.

Updating Power BI custom visuals

This article describes different techniques to update Power BI custom visuals in existing reports, and then compares certified and non-certified Power BI visuals considering security and business continuity aspects.

Guide to upgrade the preview version of Smart Filter Pro

Upgrading the preview version of Smart Filter Pro requires a particular procedure. This will be not required in any future updates of OKViz custom visuals. We included a detailed guide to make sure you will not lose any property of the custom visual you must upgrade.

Synoptic Panel v1.4.0 Changes

In the latest version of Synoptic Panel (v1.4.0) we made a lot of changes, here are the main differences with the previous version:

Introducing Candlestick v1.0

Candlestick by OKViz is a custom visual designed to present stock data, using a very specialized chart made of several candles.

Introducing Bullet Chart v2.1

Bullet Chart by OKViz is a popular custom visual for Power BI. It is used mainly for displaying single values along with their context information, as comparison values, targets, and performance states.

Introducing Card with States v1.3

UPDATED: See the new features here Card with States 1.6
Card with States by OKViz is the most popular custom visual for Power BI. Today, we are proud to introduce a new, great version.

Introducing Sparkline for Power BI (UPDATED)

In the last post, we talked about the new API for visual development. Today, we are very proud to introduce our first visual that uses the new development API: the Sparkline by OKViz.

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